Smell Gas? If so, don’t call the gas company, but rather immediately call a plumber or turn off the gas yourself.

The reason is that when you call the gas company, they immediately put a lock on the main gas meter valve not enabling you to turn it on. But if you call a plumber, the gas in your home remains on while you safely try to locate the area of the gas leak, enabling you to continue to have hot water or a stove to cook on or heat at home.

If you do suspect you have a gas leak, you should turn off the main immediately, and stay away until we get there. Yes, it’s a dangerous situation to be in, but plumbers are more helpful in this area. Besides the gas company doesn’t fix leaks for you anyway!

So keep a wrench tied to your gas meter so that its there in case you ever need it and consider an earthquake seismic shut off valve which automatically shuts down the gas in case of an earthquake. You might even be eligible for a discount on your home insurance for having one installed.

After the earthquake happens you can assess the damage (if any) and easily turn on your gas using a household screwdriver near the gas meter!

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