Don’t know fact from fiction when it comes to plumbing concerns? Read on to learn the truth about those clogged drains and other plumbing headaches. You’ll get some great advice to protect your most precious assets your personal property and the people that dwell in it.


Myth #1:  Using drain products commonly sold in stores will unclog and maintain the serviceability of kitchen and bath sink drains, and they are not harmful to pipes.
Fact:  Drain Oh should be spelled Drain NO! Drain products sold over the counter are very harmful to piping systems partly because these products are manufactured with acid type chemicals that eat away at the interior surface of pipes, making them brittle and sometimes can even burn a hole through the pipe interior. In fact, they can cause pipes to be so brittle that the next time a plumber is needed and uses a metal drain cable (snake), the pipe can instantly crack under the house. This obviously causes unsanitary conditions, not to mention a very expensive repair. Truth is, these products cause more harm than good and often don’t even come close to opening the clog.

Myth #2:  Picking up that one hair from the sink won’t prevent a clogged drain.
Fact:  That long hair actually does a lot to slow or stop up your drain. Bottom line, pick up every single hair from your sink to keep the plumber away.

Myth #3:  Plungers don’t work.
Fact:  Investing in a good plunger can save you hundreds of dollars in toilet clogs. The thicker, softer tissues that we use today can clog toilets very close to the point of entry, and using a good plunger to push the abundance through is the most efficient way to keep the free flow of life at full speed!

Myth #4:  My water-saving toilets have to be flushed twice to work right!
Fact:  Truth is, if your water-saving toilet is adjusted correctly there’s really no reason why you should need to flush more than once.

Myth #5:  If I do it myself, I can definitely save money.
Fact:  Of all the times I’ve gone to homes and businesses where property owners have tried to “do it themselves,” I’ve always noticed that they ended up making
the problem worse and increasing the cost to fix it because the damage exceeded the original problem. Call a reputable, licensed plumber first and save money.

Myth #6:  When it rains, I have no choice but to deal with flooding on my property.
Fact:  There are several things that can be done to allow the areas surrounding
your home to be as dry as you want it. Call PLUMBCO to discuss the options.

Myth #7:  There is nothing I can do to stop my drains, pipes, sewer and toilets from an occasional back-up, so I will only worry if I have a problem.
Fact:  Amazingly, up to 15% of the value of your property is tied into your plumbing system. That complex system of appliances, pipes, faucets and fixtures provides life-giving water for drinking and cleaning whenever you want it. Protect your investment with proper plumbing maintenance. Call PLUMBCO to discuss various preventative maintenance options that should be performed on a regular basis.

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